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Thread: MND diagnosis and link to heavy training

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    Having been diagnosed twice for MND (Italy and UK), unfortunately confirmed in both cases. In Italy they requested a blood sample but no questionaire about my lifestyle etc. In the UK there was a limited questionaire (family history and exposure to chemicals) but no request for a blood sample.
    Is there a a worldwide database of people with MND and associated information on their lifestyle/employment?

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    Hi Chrisp Sorry for your mnd diagnosis. I am sure somebody has made a list of possible causes ranging from tooth fillings, statins, playing rugby, firefighters and the armed forces etc. My view has always been, does it matter?. Having had this mnd pbp for ten years now, I just want a cure. Obviously being 69, I would have to join a walking rugby team lol. I really believe that there will be cure along in months, so newly diagnosed should not discard their boots, rackets or skateboards. Regards Dude x

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    I hope so, preferably before the ski season.

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    Like you, I was very sporty. Playing football, running and doing weights. Probably intensifying in my thirties. When I was 39 I noticed by grip in my left hand started to give when lifting weights. I also worked very hard, which led me to be a director at 34.
    I was diagnosed at 40 and am now 42. I'm still working and find exercise and stretching help.
    There is no mnd in the family and I do not have the sod strand.


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