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Thread: Using virtual reality to improve wellbeing

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    Using virtual reality to improve wellbeing

    Does anyone know of any schemes to use virtual reality headsets and "experiences" to give people living with MND (or other neurological conditions) a boost to their wellbeing and a measure of control over a small part of their lives?

    In the absence of existing schemes, I am looking for suggestions, and will promote them via the Hopewinds club

    Please see the MNDA Forum section "Introduce Yourself" under Hopewinds 18th September for more details. Your opinions would be greatly appreciated.

    Best wishes

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    hayley J
    Hi Phil,

    Its funny you mentioned this, as we had a chap doing demonstrations of virtual reality headsets yesterday at our regional conference in Ealing. He was very popular! We'll be featuring this in the next issue of Thumbprint but will also be sharing some images and some feedback on our website very soon, i'll share the link once they are up.


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    Thanks, Hayley

    A pity I couldn't make it on Sunday. Do you know how I could contact this chap?
    I would have liked to meet people and chat about possible uses of virtual reality to include people living with MND who are no longer able to communicate without help from technology. I have been involved in writing a research proposal and funding bid with a group of universities in Yorkshire for using VR to communicate with people "locked in" by their neurological condition. Details to follow shortly (in this forum space) and the Hopewinds website (link above).

    I am representing the views of a group of people living with neurological conditions (Hopewinds Club) as I am still fit enough to do so. I was diagnosed with MND in June 2016 and am still working one day a week as research manager at Age UK, although this research has no connection to Age UK.

    I am happy to chat at any time, but will also post any developments and details of the proposal here. Watch this space.

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    I'm not sure if this is relevant but my son bought me a camera/cam that will be fitted in the garden so I can watch the bird feeder, also a nest box with camera. I have a wall mounted TV with wifi so should be able to watch activity on the TV. I will update on the next box next year if we get a tenant.

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    hayley J
    Hello all!

    Here is the link to the news article on our website:

    You can find details of the company we used through the link on the page, he has been doing a lot of work in healthcare. We'll also be covering this in more detailed in our next Thumbprint issue will be released end of October.

    Nigel, what a lovely way to keep up to date with nature!

    Have lovely weekends all,


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    Thanks, Hayley
    Flix Films seem to have everything covered, so no nrrd for more.
    Phil (Hopewinds)

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