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Thread: Vitamin D3

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    Vitamin D3

    Anyone heard of, or tried using, high doses of Vitamin D3 to help with ALS?

    Hanging in there, one day at a time.

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    I take it. But I dont take high doses of it. I take it because we dont get a lot of sunshine and its reckoned we as a nation are lacking in D3. I took it before I got sick anyway. So I kept on taking it.

    There is good reason for PALs to take it however. They dont get out much and will not get enough sunshine.

    Be careful using high doses of vitamins. We are not designed to receive vitamins in this way and taking a high does can have unpredictable consequences. If you wish to take a high dose start slowly and increase gradually monitoring any changes. But if it helps you, report back. We need a fix for this condition badly.

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    Hello penwiggle
    According to the book of vitamins and health food supplements by Dr Rita Greer and Dr Robert Woodward
    You can take 2000iu daily without toxicity but no more than that if you think your kidneys are not functioning as well or your liver take less
    The RDA is 5 mcg equivalent to 200iu.
    The main symptoms of deficiency which are relevant to motoneuron disease is nervousness maybe insomnia diarrhoea possibly softening of bones.
    Best sources of vitamin D3 seafood specifically Herring ,mackerel ,pilchards ,canned salmon ,trace amount in fresh salmon, sardines , small amount in egg Yolks ,slightly larger amount in margarine, tuna in oil has 5.8 MCG ,
    Crustacea and molluscs have a trace amount.
    Largest amount is in cod-liver oil
    It is wiser just to take a multivitamin as you need other vitamins and minerals to absorb it

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    Hi Pen,

    My partner takes a high dose D3 plus B12. Hard to tell how much it helps with MND symptoms but I think it's worth a try.

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    D3 hello I did have fall two years ago and hurt my neck. It was already knackered as too long in the front row as tight head prop. I do take couple on none sunny day but luckily we have garden facing west and big conservatory. Even today nice sunny so I go out in wheelchair and sunbathe for an hour. Looks no sun for next week in the Black Country so will take tablet a day. I do have feeding brace that keeps my mouth shut and stops me drooling my saliva and it is working well. I have had PEG fitted few months ago but luckily if mash up my food swallow no problem.
    Breathing no problem luckily never ever had drag on a fag.
    As for shoulder pain I do put Voltarol on twice a day and it works well.
    I on regular riluzole and for my loose and thick saliva I have Mucodyne and eye drops.
    I am naughty and every night in bed I slowly suck a Bisodol tablet and I find that clears mouth and no sickness feeling lying in bed. My bed new a year ago a proper hospital bed from local council and last week they fitted ceiling hoist.

    Best wishes John

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