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Thread: Lateral Boby Support for Wheelchairs

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    Lateral Boby Support for Wheelchairs

    I am getting my indoor power chair next week which I am excited about. I will need my headmaster collar on but I also need lateral support to stop my upper body leaning to one side.My OT Came today and showed me the new armchair I will be getting with more support.i mentioned it to her but got no response .
    If any one has used lateral support of the foam or belt type please give your veiwe


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    Hi AM;

    Pleased that your OT is trying to sort a more suitable chair but I hope it is still a rise and recline one.

    Do you know what make and model of wheelchair that you are getting. It will probably be the wheelchair services that will supply and alter it to suit you and the OT would not have much or anything to do with that.

    My chair has supports that can be attached and some have molded seats that do similar. Also if it can recline then that helps hold you in a bit as well.

    Love Terry
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    Hi Terry Thanks for responding I don’t know the make when it first Came my OT said it needed modification for my needs.When it comes Tuesday iwill try out to see how much support it gives
    AN xx

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