Hi all,

I set off nice and early for our monthly meeting this afternoon intending to stop for a sandwich on route. Disaster struck when I hit a kerb and shredded my front nearside tyre. Fortunately I was only traveling at 30 mph so I brought the car to a stop safely and called the RAC. I was a bit shaken by the situation and you all know how this affects our speech which for some of us is already compromised. The first person to answer my call was a man who probably thought it was a crank call and hung up on me. I waited 5 minutes and rang again when I was a bit calmer and a lady answered. Is it just me who thinks that women are more patient, understanding and helpful when dealing with someone with a speech impediment? Anyway after establishing where I was (somewhere in the countryside near a village cricket club) I was told that a patrol man would be with me in 90 minutes. Bang goes my lunch. Another call by same lady advising my rescuer was able to shave 30 minutes off the eta. Sure enough 1 hour after my call the patrol man turned up and 15 minutes later he had fitted the spare wheel (a rarity in many modern cars).

I got to our meeting 1 hour late just as guest speaker MP Vernon Croaker was finishing but according to my friends he had some tough questions to answer. Thereís nothing better than a room full of people with MND and their carers (48 in total) to challenge MPs.