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Thread: Hello to everybody

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    Wow, not cheap!! Why should an App have different prices in different markets??

    On my Apple App store, Predictable for iPad is "only" €179.99 (equal to 158)

    Hope it works well for you Charles.
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    I have been using the Speak It app on my iPad for several years. It cost less than 5 and is perfectly adequate. It has a choice of good voices and it's possible to save regularly used phrases. It's basic and simple to use and I've never been tempted to go for anything more sophisticated!

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    Miranda, I have used Speakit app on my phone and iPads. Few weeks ago I updated my iPhone and it will not accept the out of date Speakit app. I lost lots of my stories and my questions and answers I had saved. I have not updated two iPads yet until Speakit upgrade so you can continue to use it.
    Have good new year John

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