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Thread: Cost of carers ? Need help plz

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    Cost of carers ? Need help plz

    I'm back again to ask more questions
    As Mam can no longer walk weight bear any more I've finding it hard to care for her on my own & run a house look after 3 children & work 1 nightshift a week , I used to work 3 but dropped down to 1 to care for Mam
    We have a social worker coming out on Wednesday to see if we can get carers in but really concerned of the cost
    does any1 know how much u have to have coming in to have free care
    I've gone through mams bills & after everything only left with about £180
    But social worker give a form to Mam in hospital which states she have to pay at least £70 per week as government as set this

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    Hi Nightowl,
    I'm sorry but I can't help but someone must be able to. Why not try the MND connect thread and they should be able to tell you who to contact.
    Does your Mam have an OT or physio? They can certainly set a ball rolling.
    Thinking about you.
    Take care,
    Bern x

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    Hi nightowl

    Your Mum may be entitled to continuing health care (CHC) which allows a disabled person with a chronic disease to live at home and the NHS grant a sum of money to pay for carers. She will have to undergo an assessment and it can be a postcode lottery but her OT should set this up.

    Best wishes,
    Iím going to do this even if it kills me!

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    Hi Nightowl;

    I don't think that you need any financial assessment to get CHC but you do if you want money for carers.

    If your mum goes to a hospice or has contacts there, then they may well help with asking and filling in the forms for CHC.

    Love Terry
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    We were totally unaware of CHC until my husband was referred to the local hospice. They applied and we had it granted within two weeks. I have heard since that when people apply independently it is often refused or takes a long time. I suggest you ask the OT about help filling in the forms. My husband had no formal assessment.

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    Thank you all for your replays it was the o t that refered us to the social worker
    I will find out more tomorrow & ask the social worker can Mam get the chc
    Thank you guys so much I wouldn't know what I would do without this forum

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    Night owl
    My Mum gets Continuing Healthcare. It is not means tested at all so don’t be worried about how much money your Mam does or doesn’t have in the bank, it is irrelevant
    CHC is awarded on a medical need, don’t let them fob you off, keep appealing and applying especially when your Mams condition deteriorates, CHC is supposed to be assessed every 3 months so ask again if they say no right now. Your OT/MND specialist/ neuro rehabilitation nurse/ GP should be able to apply for you. If your Mam qualifies then you will get all her care paid.
    Good luck x

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