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Thread: Nest Thermostat

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    Nest Thermostat


    For sometime now I have found it difficult to regulate our central heating the controls are on the boiler which is situated in a spare bedroom which is inaccessible to my wheelchair. We had a programmer which turned the hot water on and off at set times but no thermostat in the house to regulate the temperature. This meant that numerous trips upstairs were needed to tinker with the settings during the day, which were becoming increasingly difficult or impossible for me.

    Now I know that most systems have a thermostat/controller in the hallway and this is probably not a problem that most of you will face, but if you are struggling I think that I have hit upon the solution.

    I have had a Nest Thermostat installed it is a new generation of smart controls which can be programmed and controlled by a laptop or mobile phone wherever you are. It can sense when you are at home and when you are away and can regulate the heating accordingly but more usefully for me I can control the heating from my chair on my phone. The gadget itself is a design gem really well made, even down to the packaging. A former employee of Apple designed the product and it has that feel to it.

    I've had it a week now, getting used to it and am finding it really useful.

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    Thanks for posting about this, John;

    I still use electric heaters and a remote switch if I get a bit chilly but being able to control the whole heating system from your laptop would be nice. Especially good for those that can't use their hands very well and rely on eye gaze or similar.

    Love Terry
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