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Thread: Eventually...!

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    Hi Yellow Feathers


    I've found it quite tough to tell people what is going on as for me progression seems slow but even so affects me deeply.

    But having done so all I get is warmth and support, not the least from this forum

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    Hi Dude, don't think they are gonna tell them the worst scenario just gonna give them a bit more info as her speech is changing too.

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    Cool, you know best. I'm probably thinking outside of the box. Dude xo

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    Hi YF,

    We have told our 13 and 9 year old! They took it really well and offered me tons of support, as well as helping me and my wife with their baby bro!

    They have been researching loads of things about mnd and found that on the mnda website there's a support page for children. We also told their relevent schools about me incase they ever needed to talk at school etc.

    The link above for the pdf about talking to children YF

    All the best

    James x

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    Thanks everyone! My boys are old enough to cope with the news, I suppose! It's me that keeps putting it off as life gets in the way...starting uni, Christmas, mock exams in the new year...They are 13, 16 and 19. They are good at helping me do things that I now find tricky due to my weak hand. I have put it off for a few weeks longer!x

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    Wishing you all a lovely Christmas!x

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