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Thread: RIGG operation on Monday

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    RIGG operation on Monday

    Scheduled for a RIGG operation on Monday, any advice?

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    Sorry new to forum, what is RIGG?

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    Hi Chris,

    A RIG is a Radiologically Inserted Gastrostomy - a method of inserting a feeding tube into the stomach

    I assume you got some advice from the hospital - empty stomach etc.. - and you're looking for advice for post-procedure?

    You'll get details on how to take care of both the site and the feeding tube in the hospital. Don't fret, it is straightforward - just how to turn the tube, flushing it with water etc.

    Pain is usually managed by paracetamol from day 2-3, but on day 1, once the local anaesthetic and painkiller wear off, you might need something stronger than paracetamol, so do ask for something stronger rather than tense your tummy muscles.

    If anyone wants more info of all aspects of feeding tubes, a good site is:

    Hope it all goes well for you. Any questions you have pre- or post-procedure, please ask.

    Love Ellie.
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    Good luck with procedure Chris, I'm sure your in excellent hands, and all will go well.


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    Hi Chris,

    All the best for Monday. I tend to gag badly but I was ok with it. Take any relaxing and other stuff they offer before the opp. Don't know how good your talking is but if it is quite poor take some A4 sheets of instructions and sentences and words in with you.

    I hope that you are in only one night.

    I had quite a bit of pain for two weeks because I think that the stitch was not right. Even then I managed with over the counter pain meds.

    I think that most people are Okish after a few days.

    Also if you can't talk, it is extremely nice good to have some one stay with you over night.

    Love Terry
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    Good luck

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