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Thread: Pneumonia Vaccine

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    Pneumonia Vaccine

    Hi All,
    How many of you have had or been offered the Pneumonia Vaccine? It's not been offered to me but given the danger to us from this infection i'm surprised it's never been mentioned,

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    Hi Karl,
    It's definitely recommended. However, according to my GP there's a national shortage and has been since the autumn!

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    Hi Karl;

    I think that doctors have kept it quite this/last year. There was a poster on the wall at the surgery and Ellie did probably remind us in November.

    Love Terry
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    Hi Karl,

    There is a national shortage unless you pay for it, my husband had it at one of the larger Boots stores and paid privately for it,


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    Hi Karl,

    Yes, more GPs should be aware to proactively give the vaccine to people of all ages who have an MND. I hope the manufacturers manage to rectify their supply issues ASAP.

    Just on the Pneumonia vaccine - PPV23.

    It's a one time vaccine, unlike the flu vaccine.
    It can be given at the same time as a flu shot, in the other arm!
    It protects against various (23) types of bacterial pneumonia - it cannot prevent aspiration pneumonia caused by food or liquid going down the wrong way.
    It is an inactivated vaccine - meaning it won't give you a mild dose of pneumonia.

    Ellie x.
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