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My timescales and symptoms are IDENTICAL to yours except mine is the right side. I went privately to a GP on 13/10/2019 - by 17/10/2017 I had a “suspected” diagnosis from Gibb.
I did some research to find a consultant that was not autistic like Gibb. Found Ashwin Pinto. He gave me a firm diagnosis in early November 2017.

private GP = £90
Neuro exam = £275 two of those
MRi scan = £350
Bloods = £500
EMG/NCT = £165 plus £90 for use of gear at the QA.

I had to get another job to pay for private healthcare and all the gear I have had to buy. You try getting a job when you have MND, working at home !!! - I did it though����

I had to retire early in January 2017 because I was so tired. And I did my own differential diagnosis during the summer 2017 to eliminate all the easy things - diabetic neuropathy, stenosis, B12 deficiency, Lyme disease, radiculopathy, perpheral neuropathy, SA, etc. etc.

Is your urine darker than it used to be?
Well I just haven't felt right and into my 3rd year of this now , I have got stenosis of Lumbar and also Degenrative disc disease top to bottom and based on my EMG (private) that I had done in August last year said pointed to Radiculopathy but its the muscle loss that concerns me as had legs like tree trunks (not now)

Gibb completely dismissed me out of court and diagnosed me with FND!!! -he had his thoughts you might have MND then .

Can I ask where you are symptoms wise now -are you still mobile ,loss of use of anything?

Not really noticed to be truthful although it does seem to get cloudy at times?