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Thread: Help to buy WAV when your over 65yrs old

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    Hi Pink
    Steve has a WAV vehicle through allied mobility. We had a Motability car before and had to go through Motability to change it. They agreed but we had to have a year left on his PIPs to get one. They gave us a grant towards the cost of the down payment which was 6000 for the vehicle we had to have. Steve's power chair is quite large and we had have a ford independence which is similar to a transit van. He couldn't fit in most of the smaller WAVs.
    If you go on Motability site you will see different vehicles and companies that deal with WAVs. They will discuss your needs and bring vehicles out to you to try. They dealt with everything for us.
    We went down this route because everything is sorted if there are any problems with the vehicle, servicing and insurance is also included, which gave us piece of mind if anything went wrong. You just give up your enhanced mobility part of PIPs.

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    Another advantage of the motability scheme is if your WAV is off the road (e.g. After an accident) motability will provide a replacement WAV. This would be difficult if not impossible, for a 'normal' garage to source.

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