Hi Marigold
I did my voice recording at the beginning of the year with Model Talker . I used to do 150 a session then go back over them if they were red , or yellow . I was told that as long as they were not red it was ok . I am from Yorkshire so obviously have a different accent to the American on the talker !

I tried to get them all green but it was impossible. Also when it came back I didn't try it at first , as I was too upset at the thought of losing my voice. When I did listen I was very disappointing it sounded nothing like me . It was far to fast and I sounded very angry. I contacted the speech therapist and she told me how to alter it ,after slowing it down a lot it sounded more like it

So far my speech is ok a bit weaker and when I am tired I am aware of not pronouncing all words correctly

Good luck with it remember there is no need for speed I just did an hour a day
Love Chris