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Thread: Has anyone tried Stem Cell treatment?

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    Hi Cc and Kayleigh,

    I think that it is important to say that no one has really seen any long term improvement from having stem cell treatment yet. I also think that the short term claims are due to a sort of plecebo effect or family and people's pressure. It could well make them try harder to show improvements.

    We had a lady near us go and have it, she was on TV about six weeks later with her family saying that it was working and she had improved in a few areas. I think that I found out later that she was being positive for her family and they were supporting her. Sadly she was no longer with us after a year.

    It is good that people try things and hope. I am not saying don't have stem cell treatment or try other things.

    But please please let us know if you are going to have it and where. We of course wish people well.

    Love Terry

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    K and CC I do hope you realise that Obammacare tripled or even quad-rippled costs for American healthcare. Mr T is trying to reduce those costs not stop peoples getting medical treatment. CC you should know better than the biased media pumping out fakes in your great country . Mr T has done more for your country in 2 years than any other President. Of course the Democrat open border, Sanctuary Cities Brigade think they know better and with much bitterness still that crooked Hilary Lost that Election. Do you know Edaravone costs $145K a year How is our national heath service going to afford that for a roughly 7% chance of any benefits ?

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    I now learn that Brainstorm are presenting at the symposium. It will be interesting to hear from MNDA their views on the stem cell treatment following this presentation.

    Iím going to do this even if it kills me!

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