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Thread: Ex Riser Recliner

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    Ex Riser Recliner

    I thought I might share this with you.

    Yesterday afternoon, just after lunch about 1.30pm I settled down to have a few minutes with my feet up, as I pressed the recline button on my riser recliner, the electric motor began to raise the footrest followed a few seconds later by an almightybang! It soon became clear that the footrest had come into contact with my Salsa M2 powerchair which was parked nearby to allow me an easy transfer and to charge up the batteries, some part of the mechanism had snapped as the footrest met the immovable object which was the power chair. Now I was stuck neither up nor down and cursing my stupidity in allowing myself to get stuck in this way.

    Now my situation means that I rely pretty much on a working riser recliner, I know I could sit in my wheelchair but I prefer the old RR. So I rang Millbrook Healthcare who supplied the chair about 18 months ago, explained my problem and they offered to send someone out to see about repairing it and could I wait until after Easter, I said not really as I relied on it. Anyway they said that they would send someone out that day and it could be anytime from 2 or 3pm up until 9pm. True to their word a cheerful engineer arrived as I was watching "Only Connect" so that would have been about 8:15pm and after examining the chair found that indeed something had snapped it didn't look hopeful that a repair would be possible. He could see the look of disappointment on my face but said don't worry I've got a new one on the van and within 10 minutes the old broken one had gone to be replaced by an identical but fully functioning new model.

    So well done Millbrook Healthcare top quality service!

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    Well done Millbrook Healthcare,

    John, it's nice to prase top quality service as we don’t often get it.

    Love Terry
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    3 Cheers for Milbrook!

    Get the gaffer tape out John and mark out a parking space for the M2

    Is it just me or are Victoria Coren Mitchell's 'jokes' supposed to be so irritatingly unfunny??

    Love Ellie.
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    No Ellie it's not just you ,I find her sense of humour not funny either . Although humour is very much an individual thing ,my partner finds her very funny . I just wish she would get on with the programme and cut the attempt at humour .
    Love Chris

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