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Thread: How do you manage with clothing thatís easy to get on and off

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    How do you manage with clothing thatís easy to get on and off

    Hi this is my first post,
    I am looking after my wife who has MND. I have been Careing for her for two years without the diagnosis. Itís only now we are at the stage where we are struggling to get her clothes on and off, especially under clothing.
    With so many having this condition someone must now where we can get suitable clothing.
    She is in a wheel chair full time with no ability to stand.
    We do have a very snazzy hoist to transfer her from one position to another.
    Due to her conditions she can not bear the pain being in it for any length of time, to allow me to dress or undress her.
    Thank you for any suggestions
    Roy G.

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    Hi Roy
    this may be too much information but at that stage I stopped bothering with underwear. I changed to wearing wide leg soft jersey trousers. I get them one size larger than I need. They are nice and warm stretchy and quite slippy so can be eased on with no problems in bed before hoisting. They are also very easy to move around whilst in a hygiene sling Saves getting totally undressed.

    hope that helps

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    Hi Roy, it’s my husband who has MND, we contacted our continence team and they gave us different ideas, what we could do. My husband is also in his wheelchair full time, we now have a delivery of continence pads to our home.
    I am not sure if you have carers, because it would need a couple of people to put them on, as your wife is being hoisted down.
    I hope this may help a bit.

    My husband now wears clothes, 2 -3 sizes bigger, depending on what it is.

    You also mention, using the wheelchair full time, my husband finds, being hoisted ever 2-3 hours helps with pressure relief.

    You mentioned your wife finds being hoisted uncomfortable.if you contact her OT she can assess your wife with a more comfortable sling. There are many designs, my husbands slings have been changed according to how the condition has progressed, her wheelchair can be assessed also to ensure she is comfortable, and new cushions ordered for it, by her OT.

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    There is a place in New York that think and make bespoke items of clothing for less able people.

    I have not looked into if they have any ideas on clothing for us or ideas but if you want to look, here's the link:-

    Love Terry
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