Hi all,

Its our East regional conference this Saturday in Bedford and you are all welcome to watch online on our Facebook page here. This year we are trying to encourage more people watching from home to get involved so have made the sessions a little more interactive.

The conference begins at 10.00am with our care team who will be discussing experiences of local support and care. Also for the first time, you'll have a chance to have your questions answered directly with our new Q&A session, taking place at around 10.30am. If you have any questions throughout the session, please leave a comment below and we'll make sure they are sent to the facilitator.

After the first break at 11.30am, we'll be joined by Dr Alex Whitworth from Cambridge University is, who will be talking 'Investigating the causes of MND'. Alex's dad is also living with MND, so his work is every personal to him.

Then at 2.15pm, the campaigns team will be discussing home adaptations. There are two ways to get involved while the session is live: you can complete the survey (the link will be released tomorrow when the session starts) or share your thoughts on the discussion topics below:

1. What are the biggest challenges people with MND face when they need to adapt their home?
2. What would make it easier for people with MND to adapt their homes?

The final thoughts of the day will be wrapped up by Alun Owen at 3.15pm.

If you cant watch live, you can watch back from Monday here.

Hope you can find the time to tune in! If you have any thoughts about the conference or any ideas of how we can interactive more with audiences at home, we're all ears! Please let us know.