I guess many of you have read some of the “Information Sheets” on the main Mnda web site as they are a useful source of good information.

I am one of around a dozen people that read and comment on them before they are written or modified.

I have been quite lazy and others have gone away so we are currently looking for additional reviewers to join our group. We have no one in Wales so some it would be extra good if they had some representation.

It normally involves looking through about six information sheets a year and there is no pressure, so if you don’t feel like, just miss that one. You then can complete a survey and make comments if you feel that they are applicable or I sometimes just send Kaye a email with one salient point on.

If you are interested and are either a carer for or a person with Mnd then contact Mnda connect and ask to speak or email Kaye.

She is very nice to work with and we do a very good job.

Love Terry