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    We bought a Wav last week, Kia Sedona 2.2 auto with a Gold Brotherhood conversion. It is six and a half years old but a very high spec so quite expensive.

    You can drive in the rear and move to the passenger side seating area. It ride is quite a firm but it's a lot better then being over the rear wheels.

    But we are selling it because:-

    It has no storage areas or space and if we go shopping, the wheelchair has to go in first and everything has to go on the floor behind making it impossible to stop and get out. If you went on holiday with it on a long trip it would be very hard to get out and to the loo.

    Whilst I am sitting up the front, I am back from my wife's position so she can't see me as well as if I'm in the back, I hear some people say that's an advantage.

    It is a big vehicle to drive around here but is probably a lot lot safer having side room and plenty of head room.

    There is no where that I can put anything like a glass of water etc that I can reach, Mind you I can open the side electric door or it's window.

    The sun was beating down on my legs but it was nice to have great views and to see signs etc again.

    I feel sad to let it go but it is probably for the best, so if you are interested in it please contact me very soon as it's going next week.

    Love Terry
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