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Thread: Royo = How does my wife go to the toilet when out at a M.N.D. Outing

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    Question Royo = How does my wife go to the toilet when out at a M.N.D. Outing

    Hi my wife has recently been diagnosed with M.N.D. She needs to be hoisted from one position to another.
    We have been invited to events organised by The M.N.D. Association but having already been to the place the event is at we are unable to attend.
    There is a disabled toilet, but it does not have hoist facilities.
    Is there anywhere other than N.H.S. Hospitals who provide disabled toilets with hoist facilities.
    If not why not and you would think the organisers for M.N.D. of this type of event would have thought of this before.
    Does it mean my wife and I are destined to travel around our home. In our W.A.V. Car no further than her toilet breaks allow. ??
    Do any one have any suggestions for us please
    Thank you

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    Hi Royo;

    I guess meeting places with hoists are not very common although some hospices might offer that. Even at them they might not be happy for you to use them unsupervised because of insurance reasons.

    Our member, M4GK gave us a useful link to places that have that sort of facility:-

    You can look at this thread for further information:-

    There might be other possibilities such as catheters etc.

    Love Terry
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