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Thread: Employ a carer or get someone self employed

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    Employ a carer or get someone self employed

    Fed up with the turnover of staff with the care agency I use and not really having a say in who turns up , not to mention me having to keep repeatedly tell them what I need and my dignity. So hoping to get them myself. Does anyone have experience in this and the pros and cons. Will need two carers.

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    Hi Iv,

    It's a tough one that - each has its pros & cons - I find using an agency with which you have a good relationship is the easier option in the long run.

    Yes you can choose who you employ if you go the Employer route but you have to have at least twice the number of carers to cover holiday & sick leave; have insurance; do their rosters; manage their expectations; vet them. And, if you're going to do it all 'above board', pay their applicable tax & NI and have the legal responsibilities that go with being an Employer. That said, I used local carers successfully in the early days while waiting for my provided hours to be topped up, but it was stressful at times and I had carers from an agency for the bulk of my care. I would not have gone down the employer route to provide all of my care - maybe others would, it's a personal decision and probably easier to manage for fewer hours.

    I have changed care agencies when I had persistent problems with carers and was getting nowhere with management. And I've often changed carers within an agency after frank and open dialogue with their managers. It's not in anyone's interest to have multiple carers turning up to care for you never having met you before. Even with one's needs detailed in a care plan, it takes a few visits to get to know how it all works in practice.

    I'd say, if you can, try to resolve the staffing issue with your current agency management first before interviewing other providers.

    Love Ellie.
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    I'm confused how the care system works including cost. I'm not ready for one yet but I know there's going to be a need soon. I've started having difficulty with transferring as I literally have to shuffle/spin on my feet. I know they will come in in the morning but with no set time? What happens when you need a wee when they're not around? Hate overthinking but I'm having to now. I just get one problem sorted and then something else needs to be sorted!

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