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Thread: Accepting grants are for anyone with MND with no strings attached..

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    Hi Miranda, No sorry I didn't see your private message. Where would I have picked up a private message? Email or on this forum itself?
    My mum hasn't yet wanted to go to the meetings at Northampton. I don't really know why as she likes coffee mornings and get togethers. One feeling have is she's scared to sit with others with mnd that may be further advanced in their illness because it will be a reminder to her how she will be in the future, which scares her. I haven't been either as the meetings are on a Wednesday and I work on that day, so I haven't had any contact with the local branch to know what sort of fundraising they are doing. I did see some things on line but it all seemed to be marathon/ fun run types of events that I can't do as I'm on walking sticks and a mobility scooter myself.

    I'm sorry I missed your message and the event.
    If you see anything like this local to Northamptonshire again please pass it on and hopefully I'll see your message this time.
    Thanks again , Jude x

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    Hi Judes,

    You should be able to view private messageses in the Notifications tab along the top.

    You or your mum does not have to put in before she takes out.

    You can find more information about the branch here,


    Kate Inchley

    01933 667616


    Love Terry
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    Hi Terry thanks for the info. I found my private messages now.
    I understand the not putting in before taking out but that's just how my mum thinks because she's worked for various charities all her life. I'm finding it hard to convince her otherwise. That said I would however like to find a way I could help alittle so I'm putting my thinking cap on.

    Thanks again for all the info and support from everyone here.

    Take care all, regards Jude.

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