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Thread: I'm a new carer

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    Honestly, it really helped me when my husband was prescribed antidepressants. It takes the edge of things and has made my life much more bearable and has increased my positivity and I am not taking them!!!!
    Fru x

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    Thanks Charles

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    Hi John,
    I was told FTD Dementia..2-8 yrs told to do my bucket list. Then I was told I have many symptoms of MND PLS... but need to see how it progresses!! Im lucky my doctor has got everthing in place for me.
    I have come from a background of looking after people within the ambulance service, which I loved, then 18 years later I have had to give it up... Since I have left ive seen no one!! (unless shopping) they were all phoning etc, but nothing... It did upset me, but I am stronger than them and I try to use that strenght with this condition.
    As I have said before on this forum: ENJOY TODAY, BECAUSE TOMORROW'S PROMISED TO NO ONE!!!! wether with this horrible condition or generally....
    I send you good wishes take care, and keep fighting!!!
    Chebs x

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    Hi Maggie, My hubby also has MND which started in his hands/arms. He was diagnosed in March 2015 and since this time his mobility has deteriorated, however, even in a wheelchair with only movement in his neck/head we went on cruises - until a few months ago when his lungs went. He also worked up until this time last year, using speech software. So dont worry about the future, you will find ways to get round each aspect of MND as it turns up. Dont waste time worrying out what to do when and if. If id have thought about how we are living now back in 2015 i would have thought it was impossible, but you just keep adjusting and making the most of what you have. You'll be amazed at how innovative and inventive you can get with this illness You'll find lots of tips on this forum and also through googling and care product shops have helped us. oh, and someone who can sew....that has been useful for us!
    Best of luck to you, keep smiling and take all the help you are offered!

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