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Thread: I'm a new carer

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    Honestly, it really helped me when my husband was prescribed antidepressants. It takes the edge of things and has made my life much more bearable and has increased my positivity and I am not taking them!!!!
    Fru x

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    Thanks Charles

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    Hi John,
    I was told FTD Dementia..2-8 yrs told to do my bucket list. Then I was told I have many symptoms of MND PLS... but need to see how it progresses!! Im lucky my doctor has got everthing in place for me.
    I have come from a background of looking after people within the ambulance service, which I loved, then 18 years later I have had to give it up... Since I have left ive seen no one!! (unless shopping) they were all phoning etc, but nothing... It did upset me, but I am stronger than them and I try to use that strenght with this condition.
    As I have said before on this forum: ENJOY TODAY, BECAUSE TOMORROW'S PROMISED TO NO ONE!!!! wether with this horrible condition or generally....
    I send you good wishes take care, and keep fighting!!!
    Chebs x

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