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Thread: Electric wheelchair

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    Electric wheelchair

    I have been waiting over four months for an assessment for a electric wheelchair and I getting frustrated at not going outside and around the village. So I went on eBay and got a road mobility scooter for 250 I am now enjoying the sunshine and the freedom of movement. Hopefully my electric wheelchair will come soon and I can pass my scooter to someone who can use it.

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    Great that it's so good for you to be able to get out and about Chrisp;

    Yes I done the same thing and bought two scooters from ebay, one little one to go in boot and another one to use on roads around home. What make and model have you got?

    Four months waiting for a wheelchair assessment is much to long, contact Mary the wheelchair specialist in the Mnda, she might be able to apply some pressure on them.

    Scooters are much better out and about than wheelchairs generally, if you can hold your body and walk short distances.

    Love Terry
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    I bought myself a scooter last summer, cost me about 800. I received my powerchair about 3 months ago. The powerchair is great for around the house (though I prefer to walk with crutches at the moment) though outside I find the scooter easier to drive.


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