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Thread: Mirocals

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    My husband has just finished his 8th injection, just before he started this round he told me that his swallowing felt better and I had noticed he finished eating his food faster, once even before I had, though his voice has all but gone now the weakness in his face to the side of his mouth seems to be slightly improved in as much as I commented on what had he done differently to his lips, we are not getting too excited but if it can hold it steady we will both be more than happy for now, he has 11 months left of the trail so we will see how things go.


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    Holding steady is great, Nancy,

    Noticing improvements is better and very positive. I think that feeling something is doing you good automatically improves things but this might be doing something.

    Fingers crossed, Terry

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    Very heartening to hear Mandy.

    Wishing him all the best for the rest of the trial.

    Love Ellie.
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