I just tried to join the club but I failed.

Going into the gym on the ramp to the fire doors and a chap inside opened the double doors. I backed up a bit and felt the wheelchair beginning to tip. It was in slow motion but the whole thing fell off the ramp sideways and ended up on the ground.

I screamed for a half a minute out of shock. I knew that I was OKish and about 6 strong men came out to help.

They carried me into the gym and stood me up so that I could hold the ladder and then get on my chair.

Damaged the lightwriter heavy scratches and some on my newish wheelchair.

Banged and scratched the side of my head, shoulder, elbow, hip and knee. Nothing serious but I will be sore on that side for a week.

Got ice packs on drinking coffee in bestro area and not exercising at moment, might do a bit in a while.

Not quite sure how I can contribute to the group, I did try recording a synthesised voice and altering the timing and pitch to sing but failed.

Love Terry