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Thread: Black eyes Mnd group

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    You will have to take it easy for a few days, Lynne ;

    Hope you are OK, but it sounds quite a bad fall and you will be sore for a few days. Impressed that you can get up.

    Your post is not a moan, you will have to try harder for that.

    Wish you a speedy recovery, Terry

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    Feel better Lynne, I hope your not too bruised, and sore


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    Hi lynne. Hope you're not too sore today. Very impressed you managed to get your self up though. Glad that Ed is OK x

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    Oh no Lynne!

    Hope you're not too sore and that you're having an easy day. It really knocks our confidence to have a fall. It hurts too !

    You are definitely not moaning.. just resilient and brave !

    Love Debbie x

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    Thank you all for your lovely comments. My head is sore to the touch but otherwise OK. It was quite a hard surface to fall on, our stone tiled kitchen floor - ouch! Last night my head came up like the pointy end of an egg. But it rounded off and has gone down. We are going to Robin Hoods Bay tomorrow for a week. I have booked a cottage that we know well (had bbq's with friends there lots of times). It has a ground floor bedroom with en-suite and 2 more bedrooms upstairs. We are having guests for one night. We plan to chill, forget everything. That cannot come soon enough. We have friends in the village so some pleasant times to be had. We are desperately trying to find an adapted bungalow or appartment. This would help me avoid falls. But they are few and far between. Thanks again everybody. Lynne

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