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Thread: NIV Overnight

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    NIV Overnight

    My husband's in hospital for the third time in 8 weeks.
    He's had chest infection and problems with secretion.
    After a week in the high dependency respiratory unit its been agreed he needs a NIV Overnight.
    The issue is he has little if no arm movement and limited use of one hand.
    The hospital are arranging for SALT and environmental to trial various bells buzzer.
    Bottom line is if he can't operate these he must have a waking carer which could take months to organise. He needs to be able to alert me if he feels sick or is having problems.

    I contacted a local nursing home where he spent a few months and which is 5 mins from home. I hoped he may be able to stay there while they sort alarm out.
    I was horrified to be told they wouldn't take him with a NIV. We were planning on using this for restbite later as he is happy and they know him well.
    We have another meeting tomorrow with the hospital palliative care Dr.
    Has anyone else experience of this, have you waking carers?
    I'd be interested in hearing
    Thank you


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    Sorry to hear your husband is back in hospital Kernow.

    Consider a wireless doorbell. The chime part plugs in, this can be in your room, and hubby has the bell bit.

    He could use his hand or foot to tap it, or if he can move his head, it can go on his pillow. The ones without a physical button to press are best, look for the flat ones that can be easily touched anywhere on the front. Amazon have lots, have a look and see what you think. His part can be made non-slip by sticking Dycem on its underside.

    If that isn't a runner, ask the OT/Environmental Service if they can connect a big button switch to some type of buzzer which you would hear through a baby monitor.

    That's such a shame the care home refuse NIV - they definitely know it's Non-Invasive, do they? I hope you find somewhere for respite Kernow.

    Love Ellie.
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    Hi Kernowmum;

    There are one or more notes on threads about them but I think that at least one was negative because the carer slept.

    I hope you get something sorted under CHC that works.

    Just thinking a little out of the box, I wonder if there's a heart monitor that would buzz if it rises about a certain level, I know my old training monitor did.

    Clutching at straws but it might be worth asking if they have no other ideas.

    Love Terry
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