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Thread: In a bit of a state .....

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    Hi Hunter, I was diagnosed 2 weeks ago - so trust me I know how surreal this is for you.
    I am still waiting for some light bulb to go on, or for someone to tell me how I am supposed to be feeling. I haven't even cried yet.
    There are some basic things you can do - sort out your will and finances. Go to Citizens advice about benefits you are entitled to, the Social services about a wheelchair - it takes a long time to get wheelchair services off their behinds. You can get a blue badge on line.
    You can speak to the DVLA and your insurance company, but don't panic about driving - until your G.P says otherwise you can declare yourself fit. Make sure your G.P knows what is happening.
    I know how utilitarian this all sounds - and of course I am not expert - but it's the only way I have been able to stay focused. Just this morning I sorted all the photos from my childhood, plus those of my kids, so that they will all be there ready for when they need them.
    There are some amazing people on here who will have more answers than me, but some of this may help - I hope!
    Hang in there, Wend x

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    I am 8 years in now but I remember clearly those first few weeks

    The only way I coped was to tell myself that nothing has changed but now my condition had a name

    I hadn't suddenly got worse
    Take time to rest and don't over google or you will frighten yourselves

    take care of each other

    Sarah x

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    Hi hunter. Welcome and I just echo everything everyone else has said.

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