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Thread: Disabled Parking Space for residential property & carers use

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    Disabled Parking Space for residential property & carers use

    Hi, This is not directly about caring but it is in a way so am looking to see if anyone else has experienced the same issue.

    My husband who is disabled / diagnosed with MND has a blue Badge, a registered disabled car and a disabled parking bay outside our flat. We have one car and we both drive it.

    My husband is away for a few weeks visiting family. When they installed the bay it was unadvisory (my understanding they cannot efforce tickets) which they were not giving as I parked in the bay without a blue badge because he is not here. If I used the blue badge I would be liable for 1000.

    So they then in the last two days put up a sign without my knowledge to enforce it as a disabled bay without notifying us. & gave me a 110 fine (55 if I pay within two week).

    The road is jamed as it is with cars and difficult enough to get parking.

    I can challenge the fine but there is noone at the council to talk too. I have tried Disability Motoring who are the most unsympathic unhelpful organisation I have ever come across.

    Has anyone else had experience of a similar situation and what have you done?

    Thanks for reading


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    I would have left your husbands blue badge in the car the last time he was in it and got out at the bay you are talking about. It is not a time limited bay and any disabled person could leave their car a week or two on the same spot if they are ill. But you cannot use a blue badge or a disabled bay under any circumstances without the holder of the blue badge present when blue badge is used. I know this doesn't help but don't be upset by it. Its to stop people abusing blue badges and disabled bays. Now that you have a charge I'd pay it quick, using it as a learning opportunity. That is not meant as sarcasm but as there being nothing else that you can do. My husband is annoyed by the blue badge and motability rules. We have a weeks holiday on the NE coast planned for mid August. We were going to take my motability car but he realised that he wouldn't be able to go shopping alone to the local supermarket as he does at home using our family car (which has effectively become his car now that I have a motility car). I have a hoist for my wheelchair in my car. He's thinking of taking the family car and manual chair that he can lift into the back. This would give him more flexibility. We wish motability would get more realistic in their rules. He's a named driver so why shouldn't he be allowed to drive the car independently of me to go buy something for me and him. Crazy.

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    Duplicate post just deleted.
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    my wife uses the mobility car without me in it to go to the shops etc just parks in a normal bay. at the end of the day it's to get me stuff.

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    Hi Lynne ;

    I can't believe that mobility won't allow the named driver to drive the car by their self.

    I thought that they provide a any driver policy as standard and may be they should have you in the car to be covered.

    I would check it out and may be see if they can change it.

    We don't abuse the badge and wish they had photo on the front so they are more accountable.

    Mind you, we quite often park at one place and I go on a trip and am meet by my wife later somewhere else.

    Love Terry

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    Yes I totally agree it is crazy. Unfortunately we do not have two cars. We have our own not (not obtained through mobility) which was adapted for hand control use and is registered disabled. If I had left it parked in the spot when he left with the badge displayed I couldn't use the car because I can't use the badge. I don't see why I should pay the 110 or even the 55 (paid within two weeks) as with this condition we are told it costs us another 12K on top of our own outgoings but I would add a further 8K a year on top of that. Its expensive. Also the bay is outside my flat on a residential road which we requested and noone is using it. If noone challenges these decisions then the law will never change. I am still waiting for the council to get back to me. Carers like me are treated like we don't exist its shocking.

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