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Thread: new here today

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    hello chebs and other half, trust u are doing as good as you can be. are you on the mission of cbd oil yet.. did you het the voice banking done ok?.much love jeremy

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    hi chebs, here is the number of the shop in glastonbury that sells cbd oil, at 17 and 18% concentrate, much stronger then holland and barratt and much cheaper at around .7.50 for 140 mg, lasts about a week if u take half a pea size x2 a mum has difficulty swallowing has refused the peg, but is taking the cbd oil........ how you both doing?,.. the shop can post the cbd oil for you, 01458 835769.... and my number 07495157122, jeremy xx

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    deb,are u trying cbd oil......there a shop here where i live thata sells it, u know its 100% lega lnow..... my mum and her partner seem a bit more grounded,she has stopped with the rilozole,,,, to may side effects andits not reallyclear how it works etc etc..... she is beginnning with the cbd oil thou.... how are you doing... jeremy x

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    Hi Jeremy,
    wer're doing ok, been out and about in motorhome..just got back from Chester told granddaughter to Chester Zoo..Brilliant day out but very tiring had to keep stopping. Now off to Sussex as would like to see Brigton Pavillion etc..
    We have also indulded ourselves with a hot tub...lovely for the aches and pains in my joints etc,plus it helps me sleep.
    Still not banked voice yet, while I can get about I'm going for it!! I know there'll come a time when I can't get around.. but I keep pushing it...
    My O/Ts have asked me to fill out a diary, I started off well but its slowly declined.. ive got to start banking my energy!?! find things difficult to excempt...
    I lost my dog a couple of weeks ago, he was 13 yr and ive no emotions, feel gulity I cant't cry..strange concept.
    Slowly, this desease takes you bit by bit...things are starting to change and i'm finding that difficult
    Well, less about me.. hope things better with you and family and your on a turning point
    I'm tired so its off to bed
    take care and talk soon
    Chebs and Al

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