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Thread: Edavaron...!

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    Hi friends, it's edaravone, not edavaron. (Radicava) it's an amazing drug for me.
    I have completed 54 injections of edaravone. I would like to share some of my experiences. There is a good news for us. Breathing and swallowing difficulty improved a lot. I can breathe now in any position. There is a major improvement in FTD. there are no significant improvement in other symptoms. Moreover I feel an overall well being now. Anybody who want more information on my experiences, please feel free to ask me.
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    Thanks for the update Raj;

    Great to hear you've had some improvements.

    Love Terry
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    Long may it continue Raj, wishing you the very best with it, and more improvements along the way.

    Can only hope it will be easily accessible, and affordable for all those that need it.


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