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Thread: Voice Banking

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    Dina is right. I've just checked and your message space is full.

    I didn't find deleting messages easy the first time. You have to first select some messages, then go to the bottom and click Delete, then click Proceed. Messages in your archive contribute to the 50 message limit too and may need to be deleted if your inbox looks empty.#

    Good luck!


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    Hi everyone,

    I have posted this on another thread but thought I would also post here. This morning I recorded the last of the 350 sentences that Acapela require to create a voice. I sent them to Acapela and later today I heard back from them saying my voice was ready. They say that one can test and listen to one's voice as much as you might like. I have tested mine and was impressed with how it sounded (but that could be because I speak beautifully! Perhaps not!).

    I didn't finish recording all of Model Talker's 1600 sentences. Acapela's 350 are certainly far less daunting and more easily completed, which is just as well as my voice is noticeably weaker this week than it was last week.

    By the way, Acapela doesn't allow you to record some of your own phrases. Richard Cave suggested using a voice recorder app to record any special phrases etc and they can be incorporated into a communication device when the time comes.

    Trying to keep positive, but not always managing.

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