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Thread: Hospitals and medication

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    Hospitals and medication

    My husband was admitted to hospital Saturday with a chest infection. He has had intravenous antibiotics, fluids, been on a nebuliser, Bipap and had suction. He is improving slowly.
    My rant is that after months of 'tweeking' pain relief the pallative care Dr eventually got the right mix for him. The firt thing the hospital Dr did was review his meds and stop half of the pain killers and Riluzol. They stopped Zomorph because they didn't think they could be administered via PEG. I assured them it was suitable via PEG and eventually it is going to be reinstated tonight.
    One of the pallative team Dr visited him today and promptly reinstated the lot!
    He has however had a couple of days where he has been in great discomfort, the hospital Dr don't have his history they just decided to reduce medication.

    Anyone else found this?



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    Hi Kernowmum;

    Not first hand but I have heard of this and it is not uncommon. You would think that they would see what the partner carer had to say about it first but they don't seem to understand that we know quite a bit about our/our partners medication.

    It pays to ask questions and try to find out what they are doing etc.

    Hope he feels a bit better in the morning and is soon back home.

    Love Terry

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