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Thread: Looking like I知 heading for a diagnosis

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    Hi Som.' I feel for you with all this symptom stress and looking after children at the same time. As everybody else has said it does come as a big shock and takes a long time to come to terms with. I can only speak as an mnd sufferer but it may be similar if it turns out that your diagnosis is for something else. I hope that it does. Lynne

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    Jaxx I'm so sorry that you have had to experience all this with your daughter. I can't imagine how heartbreaking that is. Hopefully the equipment will follow shortly. I'm starting to panic as my mobility is getting worse and i am fortunate that i can walk but not far. At what point did your daughter transition to a powerchair? I guess I'm thinking that a chair would definitely help further and conserve energy and reduce risks of trips but I feel 'I'm not quite there'. Not being able to hold her little one must be heart breaking.

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    Hi Som
    You could ask your surgery to give you a referral to get a manual chair from the red cross.
    The real problem with not having a firm diagnosis is that you are in some difficulties accessing the services you may need.
    Waits for wheelchair assessments can take months, and that is just for the assessment let alone actually being provided with a powered chair.
    Has your GP referred you to physio or OT? They can get the ball rolling.Even without a firm diagnosis, those services will be useful to help with your mobility issues.

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