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Thread: Renting a WAV

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    Renting a WAV

    Iím after some advice regarding renting/hiring a WAV for a weekend away. Motability are taking forever to approve my application for my car and we are going away at the end of the month. The thought of spending another minute in that manual wheelchair is killing me!
    Can anyone recommend a company that rents WAVs at a reasonable price so I can take my powered chair with me

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    Hi Jen

    Enterprise and Hertz spring to mind. We've not used them for WAV hire but they do offer it. There is and on the web. No idea on costs; I suppose it depends on where you are, where you are going and how long you need it. There may be some local firms to you also.

    Boiler x

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    Hi Jen;

    Some small firms that sell WAV's have one that can be hired. Random Mobility in Ipswich do, like boiler, I have no idea of the cost.

    You could also ask your local Mnd branch, you just never know.

    You also get some cheap ones come up on ebay sometimes.

    Love Terry

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    We looked into renting one, and swa that Enterprise and Thrifty had them listed on their websites. But when I made enquires, they explained that they don't actually have any such vehicles at their local shops, it's an ad from a company they can get them through, but they have to be delivered locally, at an added cost.

    So I contacted the company direct, and it was going to be mega expensive! The car was somewhere in the midlands (I think) and they'd charge to deliver and collect it after the weekend. We were quite dissapointed at how difficult it is to get such a vehicle for a short time.

    Hanging in there, one day at a time.

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    If your struggling to find a Wav you could try
    we used them earlier on in the year when mom went into hospital and going to maybe use them for over Christmas they do charge delivery and collection but really helped me out.

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