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    Hi, My husband has MND/ALS and has recently moved home to Ireland from the UK and under the care of a gp, has OT, District nurse and carer support. I'm not from ireland and I travel over and back due to elderly parents etc. so am at a bit of a loss how things work over here. While he has all this support we feel we still need a bit of direction that his local GP has not provided. He has seen a nuerologist over here but the first visit did not go well and he does not want to go back.

    My question is is there anyone else on here living in Ireland who can help with tips on local stuff or can give us advice where we can go for support on this, basically we are feeling quite lost, thanks.


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    Hi Marella,

    I am in Dublin and have a fair bit of knowledge as to how the system works.

    How can I help?

    You can send me a Private Message if you prefer.

    Love Ellie.
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