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    The cramps stayed for 24hrs maybe moving everso slightly I only have a shower and wish I had a bath to chill in

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    Hi B N;

    Sorry to hear about your cramps and maybe some of the previous threads might help a bit. I have taken Quinine before and make sure you drink enough.

    Put Cramp or cramps in the search box for other threads and also have a look at this one:-

    I wish for a hot bath as well, just to soak and relax.

    Speak to your doctor, he might be able to arrange treatment and hydrotherapy.

    Love Terry

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    Thanks for the link off to do some shopping

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    Mg spray stopped me getting cramp last night... I think.

    Just wondering about this odd feeling I have in limbs that feels kind of like when you have dead arms and legs except can feel everything?

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    So now my finger tips are numb fingers and thumbs weaker can not open tearable packets at work having trouble with a few other things too. Now signed off of work until I have seen Neuro. Just feel kind of stuck in limbo.

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