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    Hi Broken Nails,

    Sorry to hear that, we all hoped for something different.

    At least you can hopefully move forward.

    Love Terry

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    Hello BN,

    You must be feeling shell shocked after today’s news and if it any consolation you have been referred to one of the leading MND centres.

    Best wishes,
    Iím going to do this even if it kills me!

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    Hi Broken Nails

    I'm really sorry to hear it sounds like you may be qualified to join our wacky crew.

    But just to reiterate what Barry said - if by the Oxford group you mean Prof Talbot's team at the JR, then you are in the very best of hands! They are world class.


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    Thanks all my eldest was with me and we shed a few tears together. It was totally expected but still there was always hope for something different only scanty bits of lace to hold on to rather than proper strings for a different diagnosis that is not even worse. My brother thought he might have MND turned out he had glioblastoma growing in his motor area. He died less than 7mths later

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