Not going to rant about my best friend. I know, should be a refreshing post. (I like to mix it up a bit. LOL )

On Thursday my friend's parents came for a visit. I had just started removing the nail polish from my friend's toes with the intention of clipping and filing them, as they were getting quite long. When I took the polish off, the nails were a dark yellow/brown colour. I said something to the effect of.. 'Oh my gosh! Your nails.' Then I showed them to her mum for her opinion, as she used to be a nurse and might have an idea what was going on.

(For the record, I spoke with a GP the next day and he said it could either be a fungal infection or just a discolouration that happens sometimes when someone is ill for a long time. No way to know till we send in clippings for analysis.)

At any rate, the next day my friend had a right go at me for offending her and her mum with what I said and did regarding the toe nails. After apologising to her about 6 times, and she was still going off on one, I walked out and went to my room. There is only so much I can take some days.

When I calmed down a bit, I texted her mum to apologise. Her mum said she had no idea what I was on about, as she wasn't offended and didn't realise her daughter was. She was very perplexed by it all. I went on to explain how I can't seem to do anything right, and am constantly being snapped at for asking permission to do something when I don't need to, and then for not asking permission when I should have, and for not using the word 'please', and... and... and... You know my story already.

Her mum said something very interesting. I will quote her: "The only thing I can think of luv is that she seems to be taking her frustrations out on you. My mum used to treat me real bad n dad always said it was cos she loved me most, perhaps it's how she feels!! Love you lots"

I know a lot of the stories about my friend's mum's mum, and they aren't nice. But of course, there were reasons behind it all, it's a long story. But it made me realise that my best friend is scared. She's in a horrible situation that she has no control over, and has less control every week. She's dying. I can't imagine how she feels or what is going through her head most of the time. I totally get that she's angry and scared.

And, who else is around for her to vent upon? No one. Her son and daughter visit once or twice a week for an hour or two. Her parents come by about once a week (her mum has terminal lung cancer btw), and her brother and his wife also come by about once a week. She has a cousin that visits every month or so, but that's it. All of her friends have stopped visiting, not that she had 100s to begin with.

It has helped me see her comments from a new angle and be a bit more understanding. It still upsets me, but I can see beyond it a little.