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Thread: Holidays

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    Hi Liz;

    The mention of Hospice brings a fear to us all but most of us now think it's the best thing since bread and butter.

    They will help Steve live life better. You get another lot of specialists and other people that help in various ways.

    You are not dumping he off there for you to get some "FREE TIME????" LOL, he will probably like it and if not, once tried he doesn't have to go again.

    You probably don't need much help at the moment but don't injure yourself, especially your back by struggling. Try to get others to help with things a bit.

    Love Terry

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    Hi Liz

    Steve goes to a hospice day care once a week. He didn't want to go but it does get him out and he is able to talk to other people rather that just me. It's hard not to feel guilty but that few hours allows you to recharge your batteries and not be at their beck and call for a little while.
    It's important to try and get out together when you can just to get out of house for a while. We go for walks, local garden centre cafes for lunch and even just going shopping, and our local MND support group.

    Sue x

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    Liz and others, guess what as typing this response. I am in Mary Stevens Hospice in the Black Country. I go once a week but changed to every three weeks as having new building erected. My carer/wife is having a break in Greece with my sister and they meeting up with her oldest friend from teacher days. I am in the Hospice for ten days and staff here are wonderful and accommodations brilliant. A good break and luckily sons and grandkids nearby and gets visits from old pals as well. Best wishes John

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    Hi all,

    I came across a brochure for holidays set up by a charity in Scotland. They have 4 fully adapted cottages on a site in Fife shire on the Firth of Forth near St. Andrews. All have ceiling hoists and wet rooms.

    Iím going to do this even if it kills me!

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