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    Mouth Care

    I have a conundrum. Mike has always been really meticulous with his mouth care. He won't give up the Colgate for a low froth alternative . We tried Sensitive Teeth Listerine yesterday to combat the gunkiness around his gums but this caused a huge increase in saliva production which led to problems with a gurgly throat overnight. I would try a suction toothbrush but he wants to keep using his electric brush. I was Mouth Care link nurse when I worked in stroke rehab so I thought I knew what I was doing, but I'm not sure how to manage his mouth care without causing saliva production. Botox sounds like something to be avoided as most people seem to say it increases thick mucus issues, even with Carbocystine, and Biotene is for dry mouths, which he doesn't have. Any ideas on low froth mouth stuff? Thank you.
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