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Thread: Bus pass

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    Hi Barry,

    I think you get the higher level PIP for living, but the mobility part is based on need.. my diagnosis was sped through, so I'm relatively unaffected yet.. apart from tiredess and a bit of increased tone in my legs (I think, I'd only had lower motor til now) if I didn't live so far from things I'd be okay (as far as you can be as a non driver in a ruralish area). Hmm.. it would make an incredible difference to me to have a pass, I'm spending the money at the moment, but it cost about 50 quid to get out and about last week.. Its 4 return just to my town! (and because there are only a few buses a day, you end up getting a taxi back anyway..

    Lisa x

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    Thanks Lisa. I live in the busy little Borough of Bury, Lancashire. Some bus drivers seem to be in their own little world, not the best on the customer services front. But maybe they take a lot of stick from some bus users so it's a defence mechanism. It's a shame that all bus users and drivers were not more friendly to one another. A lot are. I always thanked drivers and usually got a nice reply. But I think that they could all benefit from disability and customer services training. Your mum came up with a good idea about a lanyard for your bus pass. Lynne
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