Hi Ben,

I am able to shuffle along with the aid of a walker. I still can do most things but I need a hand to dress, cut my food up and shower dry me. I use a wheelchair a lot and exercise most areas in a gym. I can get some words out and understood if it's quite and they have good hearing.

I am around 9 years down the line.

It's very scary for quite a long time to start with and then you will live life the best you can. I got a wheelchair after a year or so and then a power wheelchair after two years. I did not use them much but it is handy to get things early and get used to them a bit while you are well.

Guess that you are still working.

Have you been given riluzole tablets?

Baclofen might help your legs be less stiff but over working things, stress and lack of sleep all make things worse.

Having said that I better get some sleep.

Love Terry