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Thread: Help us persuade the Government to #Scrap6Months!

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    Hi - my husband was on PIP higher rate for daily living and lower rate for mobility. He was also on ESA and waiting for an assessment to see which group he would go in. Our MND specialist nurse in London sent off the DS1500 to fast track his benefits. He got approved for higher rate for PIP and also ESA - he got his benefits backtracked to when he first applied so got a lump sum of a few hundred pounds and all assessments were cancelled. The MND specialist nurses are brilliant.

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    Hi Devonmaid,

    It's good to hear that your husband was fast-tracked for his benefits, and that his MND specialist nurse kindly helped with the application.

    Unfortunately, not all GPs, MND nurses etc are flexible with their interpretation of the '6 month rule' regarding the fast-tracking of benefits.

    However, it is heart-warming to hear that your husband's MND specialist nurse is so caring and helpful. Thank you for sharing your experience with us, because other people making a benefits claim, might not have been aware that their MND specialist nurse could possibly them with their application.

    I hope that your husband is as well as can be expected. Hopefully, you are both getting all the support you need to make your lives as happy as possible.

    Very best wishes to you and your husband,
    Kayleigh x

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