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Thread: free car tax

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    free car tax

    hi Mick got his higher award pip so entitled to free car tax. my vw beetle is highest tax so better to have that for free. i understand about going to post office. However, i pay it direct debit 1 st of each month so do i cancel that? thanks

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    Hi Shrew;

    Best to sort out the disabled tax first and they will refund you if any is due. If you do get a wheelchair ramp van later then it might be handy to swap it as sometimes it gets you other free benefits like free Dartford crossing and you can go into Londao

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    Most toll charges are free to blue badge holders but you generally have to apply to each one. There is normally an option on the toll website. I have exemptions from Dartford and Tyne tunnel and it saves me scrambling for change and trying to reach the machine without dropping the coins.

    Iím going to do this even if it kills me!

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