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Thread: Dad diagnosed last week.

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    Lololo , Luckily my family all nearby I was formally diagnosed MND few days after 65th birthday May 2014. I am oldest of four with two brothers and two sons all few miles away. I was still mobile for couple of years and speaking so my three grandkids have spoken with me. They still like going on our history trips to National Trust places as Granny History teacher. My oldest grandson now 15 and my gardener and I do pay him. My wife/carer still manage to use sit stand hoist pick me up out of bed. We do go on family holiday last few years and looking go again May half term. Last year I fell off the commode chair so it was great having two lads pick me up. I now communicate with the grandkids on my iPad. My sons just text and keep up to date a regular meetings.
    Best wishes John

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    Hi, Sorry you find yourself here, I am the other way round I am the parent, it is my 34 yr old daughter who was diagnosed a year ago a few months after giving birth to her second child. We informed family and friends more or less straight away mainly by txt as couldn’t talk about it without breaking down and I’m still the same 13 months later, I never have and never will come to terms with this.

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