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Thread: How many carer visits do you have

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    If American Health Care were cars...

    Americans pay the price for a Lamborghini.

    They get given a pick-up truck.

    When all they really needed was a wheelbarrow.

    And because they paid so much for it, they think the pick-up truck is the best thing in the world, and mock the rest of the world for getting wheelbarrows.

    Hanging in there, one day at a time.

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    That’s a good analogy Pen

    I don’t think Americans are mocking other countries with Universal Health Care, they just don’t understand it because they have been misinformed, and not educated enough about it.

    Liberals and progressive Democrats are on board with a health care system for all. I think it’s absurd, and atrocious that anyone should lose their homes or go bankrupt because they are unable to pay their medical bills.

    With the government officials we have in power now, who are doing everything possible to dismantle Obamacare I don’t think we will be seeing Universal Healthcare in this country until these people are all voted out.


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